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11 years ago, Dustin & Lindsey met while singing in a recording studio in Nashville, Tn. That night they had their first date. Two months later they were engaged. Eight months later they were married.

During that time, their lives have been creatively intertwined- whether owning an Artist Development company, Music and Video production business, or collaborating on myriad creative projects, they have always brought their love of life and telling stories to everything they do. 


With 30+ years of collective experience working in the entertainment industry, a love of people and a passion about those people's stories, Dustin & Lindsey have built their success by always bringing out the best in their subjects, and telling their stories in an honest, artistic, and entertaining way.

There are many ways stories are told: a love story; a business venture; a music video; a photograph; a film; or a collection of songs. What's fascinating is that every story is unique. By taking an objective look at the client, Dustin & Lindsey are able to tell an effective and compelling story through Audio, Video, and Photos that engages the clients audience and highlights the characteristics that set them apart. 

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