I've worked in the film and music industry as a producer, videographer, and photographer for nearly a decade. During that time, I've had the honor of working on projects ranging from films produced by Oscar winner Gerald Molen (Jurassic Park and Schindler's List), to multi-Grammy Award winning artists, Emmy Lou Harris, Dan Haseltine, Faith Hill, and many more. I've photographed award winning artists and bands like I Am They (Sony/Provident), and have filmed between 50-75 music videos featured in various places gathering millions of views. In August of 2016 I filmed my first wedding as a gift for the bride and groom. When I was editing the footage, I found myself so emotionally captivated, I was wiping away tears. It was then I realized I'd discovered something new, something I hadn't yet experienced in my profession - a profound, deep emotional connection with the "product". I had accidentally stumbled on a new passion - putting my energy, emotions, talent, and craft into something that would last a lifetime - a wedding. 2017 marks my official foray into filming weddings professionally. Capturing a truly precious moment in two people's lives is something I consider to be an honor. This is NOT a business decision, this is something my heart and spirit have responded to and I'm answering the call. My wife, who has assisted me in filming music videos, caught my passion and runs alongside me in this new adventure. Together, we film and share in the joy of each of our couple's wedding days. It would be an honor to share your day, and tell your story.

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